“…thought provoking and hilarious with an amazing ensemble of actors who are so connected, it feels like family.”

“I laughed; I cried. No, seriously… I actually did. This is a wonderful, thought provoking piece. A motley collection of characters stumble into an interaction that turns into an intense investigation into the nature of their lives, their relationships, the universe, and reality itself. Everyone’s mind is blown. Including mine! Beautifully written and wonderfully acted. Genuinely engrossing. We ended up talking about both the play and our own lives for hours afterwards. Very stimulating!”

“Some familiar themes, like the question of free will, are given new and invigorating life in this hilarious play. The players are a professional bunch who add immeasurably. The Hamlet! The Oxford Don! The ditherer who can’t get a sentence out until he brings forth an embarrassing gem! The cute linguist who reveals himself as a conservative voter! They are ALL good. The whole audience was engrossed….Funny and profound.”

“Dangerously provocative and sublimely witty, You’re Just Projecting ingeniously skewers our current state of affairs by supplanting political and social debate by use of Hamlet, who creates the argument that we are less born of free will and more guided by self-myth. Joining in the heated discussion is everyone from the rightwing conservative do-gooder, to a particle physicist, to the male doyenne of the philosophical left, Allen Ginsberg. No subject off bounds from religion to mind-your-own-business and everything in between. Both funny and provocative, You’re Just Projecting is Edward Albee meets Norma Desmond. Not to be missed, You’re Just Projecting is an intellectual’s delight, as well as a modern philosopher’s nightmare.”